Baby Mikha

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pictures posted March 3 2007

All families invent their parents and children, give each of them a story, character, fate and even a language.
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Almost ready to crawl during playtime.

A dramatic story. How will it end?

Standing proud at 2 foot 2.

Happy after my massage and bath.

Quality time

From January 25, 2007

I don't want to be the Mikha Lama.

Ready to go swimming in my 1920s suit.

Mikha of the North

Kim Jong-Il or his doppleganger?

Not amused.



But Santa, I'm muslim.

Life's hard with these cheeks and curls.

Move over Mansbridge & Hanomansing - I have better hair and am taller (or will be).

This is what happens when you have no agency (and can't hold your head up).

From October 27, 2006
mr. mongolian chubby cheeks.

autumn bliss

a walk by the river

autumn glory

Mikha after his first Ramadan

Eid Saeed from Mikha and the Khan kids.

Mikha in a kurta & pajama made by his Amma Jahn.

Onkle Daniel and Mikha with his first perm.

Pictures from October 12, 2006

Peanut almost smiles.

Thanksgiving butterballs. Mikha (in blue) between the cranberry sauce and Persian bread, weighs in at 9.5 lbs (4.3kg). The turkey, between the corn and mashed potatoes, weighs in at 10.5 lbs (4.8kg).

In a relaxed, massaged state.

Bibi jahn, Mikha's masseuse.

Grandparents working hard taking care of their grandson.

Mikha listening attentively with Dada (grandpa).

Mikha searches for milk, unsuccesfully, from his uncle Turab's arm.

The three stars: Momma, Mikha and our midwife, Stephanie.

Inventing Mikha

Mikhaeil Ibrahim-Qayyum was born at 9:55am, Tuesday September 19, 2006. Humera delivered Mikha after an impressive, natural 32 hours of labour. Mikha was born 51cm (20 inches) long at 3.2kg (7.05pounds).

Baby and Umm Mikha (i.e. Humera) are both well, at home and trying to rest.

Pictures from September 24, 2006

A close-up as requested.

Mikha the turtle

Pictures from Sept. 20, 2006

Humera between contractions on a yoga ball, wrapped in babushka blankets, feeling the pain.

Andaleeb with his nephew.

Mikha with Nani (grandma).

Delighted Dad and unimpressed son.

Humera, Mikha, a buffalo and a sheep at home.

Ma, Pa and Mikhaeil, the sustainer.